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Issue Index 1988-2011

The following index lists every essay that has appeared in The Concord Review, in its regular issues as well as three special editions. Essay subjects that are underlined indicate a link to a PDF file of the essay. Please see the Instructions for Reading PDF Files for help in opening them. We have used several symbols to denote special facts about our authors. Please take a glance at the Legend of Symbols for these symbols and their meanings.

Copyright notice: All essays © The Concord Review, Inc. Essays printed in The Concord Review or published on our website are the sole property of the Review and, as provided by Article One, Section Eight, of the Constitution of the United States, "to promote the progress of the useful arts," may not be republished, photocopied, or reproduced without the express written permission of The Concord Review, Inc.

Volume 1: 1988-89
Volume 2: 1989-90
Volume 3: 1990-91
Special International Baccalaureate Issue, Fall 1991
Volume 4: 1992-93
Volume 5: 1993-94
Volume 6: 1994-95
Special Emerson Prize Issue, 1995
Special AP Essays Issue, Fall 1995
Volume 7: 1996-97
Volume 8: 1997-98
Volume 9: 1998-99
Volume 10: 1999-00
Volume 11: 2000-2001
Volume 12: 2001-2002
Volume 13: 2002-2003
Volume 14: 2003-2004
Volume 15: 2004-2005
Volume 16: 2005-2006

Volume 17: 2006-2007

Volume 18: 2007-2008

Volume 19: 2008-2009

Volume 20: 2009-2010

Volume 21: 2010-2011

Special Korean Issue

Volume 22: 2011-2012

Volume 23: 2012-2013

Volume 24: 2013-2014

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Essay Subject                        Author                    Hometown               Volume/Issue
Volume 1

Bicentennial Reflections             Patricia Carroll Ham      Monterey, CA           1/1 F88
Marbury v Madison                    Heidi Schwenzfeier        Charleston, SC         1/1 F88
Triangle Fire                        Hadley Davis              Milton, MA             1/1 F88
Nationalism in South Africa          Angela Pilgrim            Devonport, TAS         1/1 F88
Hamilton and Burr                    Jerome Reiter             Mountain Lakes, NJ     1/1 F88
Grapes of Wrath                      Kate McNichols            Wallingford, CT        1/1 F88
Provincial Radio Campaign            Nao Kawamura              Calgary, ALB           1/1 F88
William Lloyd Garrison               Josiah Brown              Groton, MA             1/1 F88
Pequots vs. Settlers                 Matthew Smith             New Haven, CT          1/1 F88
Tokyo War Crimes Trials              Sarah Smith               Oak Park, IL           1/1 F88
Frontier Conflict                    P.A. Danaher              Queensland, AUS        1/1 F88

Woman Suffrage                       Rachel Davidson           Newton, MA             1/2 W88
Conscription 1916-1917               Jane Allison Cooper       Devonport, TAS         1/2 W88
Elgin Marbles                        Maggie Sakaki Tucker      Groton, MA             1/2 W88
Schism to Shi'ah                     Simon O'Rourke            Albuquerque, NM        1/2 W88
Reform in Germany                    Gilda Mann                Baltimore, MD          1/2 W88
Ordination or Subordination?         Cara E. Larson            Washington, DC         1/2 W88
Meech Lake Accord                    Cheryl Tripp              Bowmanville, ONT       1/2 W88
Dartmouth College Case               Josh Schifter             Bronx, NY              1/2 W88
Persecution                          Claire Gosney             Surrey, UK             1/2 W88
Fourth Amendment                     Katharine A. Pacella      Longmeadow, MA         1/2 W88

All the Way with LBJ                 Stephanie Pribil          Adelaide, AUS          1/3 Sp89
Noble Savage                         Ellen Barry               Washington, DC         1/3 Sp89
Electoral College                    Ethan Fenn                Milton, MA             1/3 Sp89
Brief Examination of Sufism          Stuart L. Popejoy         Albuquerque, NM        1/3 Sp89
Harlem Renaissance                   Krista E. Horrocks        Glastonbury, CT        1/3 Sp89
Martin Van Buren                     David H. Jacobs           Newton, MA             1/3 Sp89
Right to Privacy                     Zena Rivera               Amityville, NY         1/3 Sp89
War of 1812                          Connie Landry             Belleville, ONT        1/3 Sp89
JFK and the Catholic Issue           Cliff Potter              Groton, MA             1/3 Sp89
Glasnost                             Elizabeth Rudin           New York, NY           1/3 Sp89
Abolitionist Tactical Thinking       Genny Ostertag            Oak Park, IL           1/3 Sp89

October Crisis                       Sara Paskall              Calgary, ALB           1/4 Su89
Nicholas Biddle                      Nora Henke                Bronx, NY              1/4 Su89
Economic Sanctions                   Christopher Lance Eden    Annapolis, MD          1/4 Su89
War and Revolution 1905              Chris Harris              Albuquerque, NM        1/4 Su89
Muhammad                             Chadwick Van Vacas        Tangier, MOR           1/4 Su89
Benjamin Franklin                    Robert Kurtz              Gahanna, OH            1/4 Su89
British Neutrality 1861-1865         W.R. Beckford             Southborough, MA       1/4 Su89
Susan LaFlesche Picotte MD           Teressa Lahmann           Walthill, NE           1/4 Su89
Alexander the Great                  Eric Tröels Wiberg        Newport, RI            1/4 Su89
Japanese Internment                  Maggie Sakaki Tucker      Groton, MA             1/4 Su89
Thomas Jefferson: Architect          Rachel P. Vallo           Ottawa, ONT            1/4 Su89

Volume 2


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Winston Churchill                    Randall J. Finley         Oakland, CA            2/1 F89
Soviet Dissent                       Tania Lozansky            Washington, DC         2/1 F89
Moslem Spain                         Todd Thomas Smith         Angleton, TX           2/1 F89
French Left in 1968                  Jo-Jo Koo                 Brooklyn, NY           2/1 F89
Anti-Saloon League                   Valerie Wright            Charlotte, NC          2/1 F89
Attitudes to Nature                  Paula Sawadsky            Vancouver, BC          2/1 F89
John Brown                           Katherine Alprin          Washington, DC         2/1 F89
Spanish Civil War                    Bryan R. Olsen            Richardson, TX         2/1 F89
Missile Crisis                       Jesse Furman              New York, NY           2/1 F89
Hindu-Sikh Relations                 Jeevan Singh Deol         Richmond, BC           2/1 F89
Joe Hill                             Joshua Brook              Great Neck, NY         2/1 F89

Mormon Settlement                    Natanya Brewer            Washington, DC         2/2 W89
Duma Monarchy                        Jeevan Singh Deol         Richmond, BC           2/2 W89
Blockade Runners 1861-1865           Lindsay Meyers Smith      Groton, MA             2/2 W89
Irish-American Troops                Andrew Taggart            Westtown, PA           2/2 W89
American Colonization Society        Benjamin H. Van Horne     Washington, DC         2/2 W89
Titanic in State Street              Jeremy A. Stern           Newton, MA             2/2 W89
Dr. Sun Yat-sen                      Jennifer K. Sun           Cedarhurst, NY         2/2 W89
New Soviet Union                     Sofia B. Akber            Timonium, MD           2/2 W89
Richard Nixon                        Aaron Goldsmith           McLean, VA             2/2 W89
Ibn Sa'ud and the Ikhwan             Darik Ibrahim Elwan       Washington, DC         2/2 W89
Triumph of the Moderates             Patricia Carroll Ham      Berkeley, CA           2/2 W89

Women in WWII                        Amanda Huron              Washington, DC         2/3 Sp90
China and Tibet                      Risa Diemond              Millbrook, NY          2/3 Sp90
Argentina                            Ari I.J. Biernoff         Albuquerque, NM        2/3 Sp90
Maji-Maji Revolt                     David Galbraith           Washington, DC         2/3 Sp90
Sacco and Vanzetti                   Mika Galilee-Belfer       Tucson, AZ             2/3 Sp90
Wood and Hopper                      Stephanie R. Murray       Westwood, MA           2/3 Sp90
Pioneer Woman                        Jenny Kinzy               Corpus Christi, TX     2/3 Sp90
Ante-Bellum South                    Dale G. Martin            Manchester, NH         2/3 Sp90
Barbed Wire                          Christopher Johnson       Washington, DC         2/3 Sp90
Charles Sumner                       Adrian Hazbun             Newton Sq., PA         2/3 Sp90
Chinese Immigration                  P.A. Danaher              Melbourne, AUS         2/3 Sp90

Kurdistan                            Jeevan Singh Deol         Richmond, BC           2/4 Su90
My Lai Massacre                      Kate Ruben                Greens Farms, CT       2/4 Su90
Spanish Influenza of 1918            Ethan C. Korngold         Gates Mills, OH        2/4 Su90
Wounded Knee                         Tamara Leigh Jones        Whitman, MA            2/4 Su90
Lillie A. James                      Lauren Richey             Pensacola, FL          2/4 Su90
Seneca Falls Convention              Rachel Bertin             Concord, MA            2/4 Su90
Spanish Civil War                    Dorian Stuber             Calgary, ALB           2/4 Su90
Hostage Crisis                       Jonathan Fox              Paramus, NJ            2/4 Su90
Marbury v Madison                    Jeremy Barnum             Groton, MA             2/4 Su90
Internment of Japanese-Canadians     Allison M. Maher          Calgary, ALB           2/4 Su90
Czar and Commissar                   Marie-Corinne Gilbert     Monterey, CA           2/4 Su90

Volume 3


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Irish Nationalism                    Sean K. Desmond           Dallas, TX             3/1 F90
Yalta Conference                     Krystyna Skupinska        Calgary, ALB           3/1 F90
Dawes Act                            Michael Blanton           Andover, MA            3/1 F90
Pullman Strike of 1894               Frances Hsieh             Wallingford, CT        3/1 F90
Pullman Strike of 1894               Jill Westendorf           Lansing, IL            3/1 F90
William Wilberforce                  Jennifer Herring          Memphis, TN            3/1 F90
Falklands War                        Joyce Deverin             Capitol Heights, MD    3/1 F90
Fruitlands                           Caitlin Reed              Groton, MA             3/1 F90
Vietnam War                          Martin Andrews            Devonport, TAS         3/1 F90
Titanic Disaster                     Amy Bryan                 Lexington, VA          3/1 F90
Cold War                             Ilya Somin                Lexington, MA          3/1 F90

Pope Pius XII                        James A. Taylor           Richardson, TX         3/2 W90
Spanish Democracy 1919-1939          Robert C. Wetenhall, Jr.  Lakeville, CT          3/2 W90
Aboriginal Rights                    Jeevan Singh Deol         Richmond, BC           3/2 W90
Leopold and Loeb                     Thomas Forman             Concord, MA            3/2 W90
Red Scare 1919-1920                  Carl Minzner              Albuquerque, NM        3/2 W90
Hartford Circus Fire 1944            Karen Goldberg            Paramus, NJ            3/2 W90
Nazi War Criminals                   Idit Klein                N. Dartmouth, MA       3/2 W90
Mau Mau Uprising                     Sherman C. Lo             Rockville, MD          3/2 W90
Stalin's Gulag                       Lisa Berman               Bellmore, NY           3/2 W90
Vietnam 1940-1954                    Bryan Williams            Lexington, MA          3/2 W90
Wolsey and Cromwell                  Sacha Lethborg            Devonport, TAS         3/2 W90

Sa'udi Arabia                        Darik Ibrahim Elwan       Washington, DC         3/3 Sp91
Korean War                           Jolyon A. Silversmith     Rockville, MD          3/3 Sp91
Irish in America 1845-1855           Shana L. Drake            Greens Farms, CT       3/3 Sp91
Bahais of Iran                       Kamran Kheirani           Burnaby, BC            3/3 Sp91
Machine Politics                     Sean K. Desmond           Dallas, TX             3/3 Sp91
Peru 1968-1975                       Rachel Wilson             Kansas City, MO        3/3 Sp91
Ferris Wheel                         Britta C. Waller          Kent, OH               3/3 Sp91
NATO after the Cold War              Suzanne O'Brien           Hamilton, MA           3/3 Sp91
Woodrow Wilson                       Uthara Srinivasan         Flossmoor, IL          3/3 Sp91
Australia in Vietnam                 Edward Pocock             Paris, France          3/3 Sp91
Whitlam Government                   Heidi Jane Niklas         Ashwood, VIC           3/3 Sp91

Kurdistan                            Jeevan Singh Deol         Richmond, BC           3/4 Su91
Scopes Trial                         Sarah E. Light            Cambridge, MA          3/4 Su91
Sharpeville Massacre                 Sulona Reddy              Montezuma, NM          3/4 Su91
Hawaiian Missionaries                Alison J. Huang           Washington, DC         3/4 Su91
Alien & Sedition Acts                Daniel M. Podell          Syosset, NY            3/4 Su91
Silent Spring                        Allegro Melillo           Washington, DC         3/4 Su91
Emmett Till                          Jason Lang                Durham, NC             3/4 Su91
Klan in the 1920s                    Noah Bookbinder           Milton, MA             3/4 Su91
Margaret Sanger                      Margery Miller            Gainesville, FL        3/4 Su91
Leisler's Rebellion                  Parag J. Shah             Bronx, NY              3/4 Su91
Goethe and Byron                     Holly Hilsenbeck          Memphis, TN            3/4 Su91

Special International Baccalaureate Issue


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Provincial Radio Campaign            Nao Kawamura              Calgary, ALB           IB F91
Spanish Civil War                    Bryan R. Olsen            Richardson, TX         IB F91
Soviet Dissent                       Tania Lozansky            Washington, DC         IB F91
October Crisis                       Sara Paskall              Calgary, ALB           IB F91
Thomas Jefferson: Architect          Rachel P. Vallo           Ottawa, ONT            IB F91
Attitudes to Nature                  Paula Sawadsky            Vancouver, BC          IB F91
Mau Mau in Kenya                     Sherman C. Lo             Rockville, MD          IB F91
Peru 1968-1975                       Rachel Wilson             Kansas City, MO        IB F91
Australia in Vietnam                 Edward Pocock             Paris, France          IB F91
Ibn Sa'ud and the Ikhwan             Darik Ibrahim Elwan       Washington, DC         IB F91
Yalta Conference                     Krystyna Skupinska        Calgary, ALB           IB F91

Volume 4


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Bicentennial Reflections             Patricia Carroll Ham      Monterey, CA           4/1 F92
Armenian Genocide 1915-1917          Sue Ann McCarty           Rockville, MD          4/1 F92
Japan & China                        Tan Bao                   Edmonton, ALB          4/1 F92
Battle of Little Bighorn             Nehemiah Landes           Potlatch, ID           4/1 F92
United States Constitution           Gregory Lee Epstein       Gainesville, FL        4/1 F92
Surgery in the Civil War             Zachary L. Chipman        Wilmington, DE         4/1 F92
Great Awakening                      Kenneth S. Allison, Jr.   Paradise Valley, AZ    4/1 F92
Isoroku Yamamoto                     Jarret C. Shulz           Syosset, NY            4/1 F92
House Divided                        Laura Wood                Bronx, NY              4/1 F92
Navajos in WWII                      Clay Samford              Montezuma, NM          4/1 F92
Chartist Rising of 1839              Martha da Gama Howells    S. Glamorgan, UK       4/1 F92

Triangle Company Fire                Hadley Davis              Milton, MA             4/2 W92
Women in Unions 1880-1920            Mary Kate Curran          Staten Island, NY      4/2 W92
North West Mounted Police            Dory VanDonzel            Calgary, ALB           4/2 W92
Cardinal Wyzynski                    Carlos M. de Vera         Burnaby, BC            4/2 W92
Dred Scott v Sanford                 Debbie Chen               Washington, DC         4/2 W92
Opposition to Female Suffrage        Nicole Herz               Houston, TX            4/2 W92
Harlem Renaissance                   Gabriella Gruder-Poni     New York, NY           4/2 W92
Conquest of Mexico                   Ben Hulse                 Oak Park, IL           4/2 W92
Women in the French Revolution       Jenifer D. Clark          Claremont, CA          4/2 W92
Balfour Declaration                  Maritza U.B. Okata        Washington, DC         4/2 W92
Cuban Missile Crisis                 Sarah Ellis French        Singapore              4/2 W92

Woman Suffrage                       Rachel Davidson           Newton, MA             4/3 Sp93
Truman Doctrine                      Richard Hurowitz          New York, NY           4/3 Sp93
Industrial Revolution                Alexandra Kirilcuk        Gates Mills, OH        4/3 Sp93
Equal Protection                     Phung Tran                San Diego, CA          4/3 Sp93
Suez Crisis                          Nelson Orus Fitts         Woodberry Forest, VA   4/3 Sp93
Temperance Movement in Granby        Adam M. Williams          Windsor, CT            4/3 Sp93
Rise of the Millerites               Julia Davis               Washington, DC         4/3 Sp93
Big Bill Haywood                     Michael Topper            Baltimore, MD          4/3 Sp93
Missionaries in Meiji Japan          Anthony Cate              Rockville, MD          4/3 Sp93
Leo Szilard                          Andrew E. Zurcher         Andover, MA            4/3 Sp93
Two Mennonite Families               Adrienne Justine Enns     Uxbridge, UK           4/3 Sp93

Hamilton and Burr                    Jerome Reiter             Mountain Lakes, NJ     4/4 Su93
Nazi Activity in Argentina           Andrea Bertera            Atlanta, GA            4/4 Su93
Ukrainian Famine                     Alyson Hrynyk             Edmonton, ALB          4/4 Su93
Corporate Law                        Matthew A. Funk           New York, NY           4/4 Su93
Basques of Idaho                     Natalie Hines             Potlatch, ID           4/4 Su93
Subversion of the Mandate            Amy Elizabeth Herman      Savannah, GA           4/4 Su93
February Manifesto                   Elina Talvitie            Dublin, IRE            4/4 Su93
Oliver Cromwell                      Kristen G. Cromwell       Rockville, MD          4/4 Su93
Bangladesh                           Aasma Khandekar           Memphis, TN            4/4 Su93
Woman Suffrage                       Ariane Liazos             Lexington, MA          4/4 Su93
Constantine and Christianity         Katherine E. Willems      Des Moines, WA         4/4 Su93

Volume 5


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Sacco and Vanzetti                   Julian David Mortenson    Lakeville, CT          5/1 F93
Norwegian Teachers in 1942           Monica Ely Løvald         Oslo, NOR              5/1 F93
Exodus from Yemen                    Yifat Seri                Athens, GRE            5/1 F93
Mistakes at Gettysburg               Jeremy Schick             Edmonton, ALB          5/1 F93
Bismarck's Colonial Policy           Ulrich Kratz              Montezuma, NM          5/1 F93
Brazil 1964-1974                     Giannandrea D'Aprile      Santiago, CHI          5/1 F93
Sadat and Camp David                 Michelle Clayton          Dublin, IRE            5/1 F93
Hungary in WWII                      Mercy A. Tetteh-Wayoe     Edmonton, ALB          5/1 F93
Prague Spring                        Alena Svab                Dussëldorf, GER        5/1 F93
Vichy France                         Carlos Miguel de Vera     Burnaby, BC            5/1 F93
Minamata Disaster                    Brett Dakin               Washington, DC         5/1 F93

Jackie Robinson                      Ellen McGlynn             Monterey, CA           5/2 W93
Persons Case                         Natasha V. Broemling      Sherwood Park, ALB     5/2 W93
Japanese Communist Party             Clinton Rajeesh Smith     Singapore              5/2 W93
American Socialist Party             Rebecca Bennett           Milton, MA             5/2 W93
Land of Refuge                       Keri Riemer               Newton, MA             5/2 W93
Chinese Criminal Justice             Sarah Remes               Washington, DC         5/2 W93
Klan in Saskatchewan                 Dwight Newman             Regina, SAS            5/2 W93
Caravel Redondas                     Julie Rusczek             Groton, MA             5/2 W93
Right to Bear Arms                   Emily Snyder              Middletown, DE         5/2 W93
Thomas Jefferson                     Melissa Erica Murray      Fort Pierce, FL        5/2 W93
Malcolm X                            Nava Ashraf               Kelowna, BC            5/2 W93

Equal Rights Amendment               Elisabeth Zeche           Greens Farms, CT       5/3 Sp94
Remilitarization of the Rhineland    Claudio Knizek            São Paulo, BRA         5/3 Sp94
Articles of Confederation            Alice Ko                  Bronx, NY              5/3 Sp94
Chicago River                        Gregory John Olesky       Aurora, IL             5/3 Sp94
Blitzkrieg                           Damian Anthony Sowa       West Vancouver, BC     5/3 Sp94
Non-Aggression Pact of 1939          Alexander Burrough        Arnhem, HOL            5/3 Sp94
South Korea                          Miler Lee                 Oakland, CA            5/3 Sp94
Thomas Jefferson                     Andrea Walker             Chambersburg, PA       5/3 Sp94
Chemical Warfare                     Stephanie Kay Springer    Rockville, MD          5/3 Sp94
Frank Lloyd Wright                   Masahiko Endo             Singapore              5/3 Sp94
Post-Independence Nigeria            Maritza U.B. Okata        Cambridge, MA          5/3 Sp94

Lakota Sioux                         Brian Hartnack            Lakeville, CT          5/4 Su94
Boundary Commission                  Lynn Dunne                Dublin, IRE            5/4 Su94
Angel Island                         Margaret K. Sloan         San Francisco, CA      5/4 Su94
Human Nature                         Meredith Quinn            Pasadena, CA           5/4 Su94
Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact              Anna K. Korjuslommi       Helsinki, FIN          5/4 Su94
Cask of Amontillado                  Jason K. Hopkins          Sandy, UT              5/4 Su94
"Che" Guevara                        Francesco Checchi         Atlanta, GA            5/4 Su94
Godey's Lady's Book                  Kier Van Remoortere       Washington, DC         5/4 Su94
Boston Manufacturing Company         Kenton Beerman            Cambridge, MA          5/4 Su94
Dred Scott v Sanford                 Lori L. Morris            Toronto, ONT           5/4 Su94
John Maynard Keynes                  Aaron Einbond♦            New York, NY           5/4 Su94

Volume 6


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Battle of the Coral Sea              Martina Vejlupková        Monterey, CA           6/1 F94
League of Nations                    Enmi Sung                 Exeter, NH             6/1 F94
Women Spies                          Miriam Seldin             Lexington, MA          6/1 F94
Friends Public Schools               Justin Pertschuk          Philadelphia, PA       6/1 F94
Union Blockade                       Jochem H. Tans            Boulder, CO            6/1 F94
German Louisville                    Anne Weaks Bilby          Louisville, KY         6/1 F94
Jefferson Davis                      Greg Ruttan               Lake Oswego, OR        6/1 F94
Indian Removal                       Evan Goldberg             Bronx, NY              6/1 F94
JN-25 and Point Luck                 William K. Josephson      Greenwich, CT          6/1 F94
Julia Morgan                         Pia Lindstrom Luedtke♦    Pasadena, CA           6/1 F94
Canadian Volunteers                  Sarah Boon                Sherwood Park, ALB     6/1 F94

Revolution in Iran                   Amytis Towfighi           Nairobi, KEN           6/2 W94
American Composers                   Aaron Einbond♦            New York, NY           6/2 W94
May Fourth Movement                  Pia Lindstrom Luedtke♦    Pasadena, CA           6/2 W94
May Fourth Movement                  Sarah S. O'Sullivan       Washington, DC         6/2 W94
Finland and Estonia                  Riku Rinta-Jouppi         Helsinki, FIN          6/2 W94
Negro Leagues                        Matthew Eisenberg♦        West Hartford, CT      6/2 W94
Barbados and Virginia                Julie Gragg               Rolla, MO              6/2 W94
United Nations Peacekeeping          Richard T. Bennett        Jakarta, IND           6/2 W94
Regulation of Biotechnology          Sebastian Milardo         Standish, ME           6/2 W94
Women in Japan                       Danielle M. Davison       Yokohama, JAP          6/2 W94
Great Awakening                      Sarah Valkenburgh♦        Greens Farms, CT       6/2 W94

Revolution in Iran                   Laleh Khadivi             Atlanta, GA            6/3 Sp95
War in Burma                         Simon Ewan Johnson        Kent, UK               6/3 Sp95
Engel v Vitale                       Anne E. Tucker            Lexington, MA          6/3 Sp95
Aeolian Islands                      Marcello Leonardi         Chicago, IL            6/3 Sp95
Walter Lippmann                      Sarah Pruitt              Exeter, NH             6/3 Sp95
Battlecruisers                       James Porcher             Regina, SAS            6/3 Sp95
Nazi Films                           Pia Lindstrom Luedtke♦    Pasadena, CA           6/3 Sp95
Frederick Jackson Turner             Joshua Derman             New York, NY           6/3 Sp95
Brown v Board of Education           Claire Libbey Johnson     West Hartford, CT      6/3 Sp95
Salem Trials                         Caleb Fryer Fishkin       Greens Farms, CT       6/3 Sp95
Navajo Code Talkers                  Brittany Nelson           Bountiful, UT          6/3 Sp95

Father Coughlin                      Arjun Mehra               Beverly Hills, MI      6/4 Su95
Late Roman Republic                  Brendan Cowles            Houston, TX            6/4 Su95
Market Garden                        Arthur W. Eveleens        Arnhem, HOL            6/4 Su95
Ebenezer Howard                      Jacob Brauer              Belmont, MA            6/4 Su95
Civil War Railroads                  Meredith Lyndon Wu        Pasadena, CA           6/4 Su95
Sendero Luminoso                     Amanda Tarullo            Washington, DC         6/4 Su95
Judicial Review                      Simon Rodberg             New York, NY           6/4 Su95
Joseph Stalin                        Summer Dow                Cremorne, AUS          6/4 Su95
Perón and Roosevelt                  Leticia Gallo             Buenos Aires, ARG      6/4 Su95
Enemy Stereotypes                    Kimiko Domoto-Reilly      Milton, MA             6/4 Su95
United States Slavery                Anthony Fotenos           San Francisco, CA      6/4 Su95

Special Emerson Prize Issue


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John Maynard Keynes                  Aaron Einbond♦            New York, NY           Emerson
Julia Morgan                         Pia Lindstrom Luedtke♦    Pasadena, CA           Emerson

Special AP Essays Issue


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Hamilton and Burr                    Jerome Reiter             Mountain Lakes, NJ     AP F95
Union Blockade                       Jochem H. Tans            Boulder, CO            AP F95
French Revolution                    Jenifer D. Clark          Claremont, CA          AP F95
Negro Leagues                        Matthew Eisenberg♦        West Hartford, CT      AP F95
Female Suffrage                      Nicole Herz               Houston, TX            AP F95
Great Awakening                      Sarah Valkenburgh♦        Greens Farms, CT       AP F95
Woodrow Wilson                       Uthara Srinivasan         Flossmoor, IL          AP F95
Boston Manufacturing                 Kenton Beerman            Cambridge, MA          AP F95
Ferris Wheel                         Britta C. Waller          Kent, OH               AP F95
Lincoln and Davis                    Greg Ruttan               Lake Oswego, OR        AP F95
Frederick Jackson Turner             Joshua Derman             New York, NY           AP F95

Volume 7


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Homestead Strike of 1892             Richard Scott             Groton, MA             7/1 F96
Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn               Suzy Kosmider             Armadale, AUS          7/1 F96
French Mandate                       Randa Khouri              Rockville, MD          7/1 F96
Allan Bakke                          Sarah Mast                Visalia, CA            7/1 F96
China Policy                         Edwina Ng                 Hong Kong              7/1 F96
Stonewall Jackson                    Shawn Hatch               Manassas, VA           7/1 F96
Crimea Conference                    Naomi A. Brown            Pittsburgh, PA         7/1 F96
King Arthur                          Camilla Richmond♦         Tampa, FL              7/1 F96
Monroe Doctrine                      Yu-Han Chang              Sudbury, MA            7/1 F96
Kamikaze Pilots                      Mako Sasaki♦              Yokohama, JAPAN        7/1 F96
Kingsley & Newman                    John Neumann♦             Lake Forest, IL        7/1 F96

Czech Radio                          Lea Sevcik♦               S. Glamorgan, UK       7/2 W96
Nineteenth Amendment                 Kathryn Dunn              Honolulu, HI           7/2 W96         
Sudan Civil War                      Evan Johnson              Washington, D.C.       7/2 W96
Dwight D. Eisenhower                 Katherine Turnbull        Kansas City, MO        7/2 W96
Haitian Revolution                   Tamara Hilary Fong Venit  Pasadena, CA           7/2 W96
Abraham Lincoln                      Aaron Einbond             New York, NY           7/2 W96
Jazz, Swing & Swastika               Nora Danielson            Burnaby, BC            7/2 W96
Jorge Eliécer Gaitan                 Consuelo B. Cantillo      Coral Gables, FL       7/2 W96
Thomas Jefferson                     Lisa Hopkins♦             Sandy, UT              7/2 W96
Cyprus Conflict                      C. Lehmejian-Karaszewski  Maclean, VA            7/2 W96
Baseball                             Heather Barney            Summit, NJ             7/2 W96

Kingsley & Newman	             John Spencer Neumann♦     Lake Forest, IL	      Emerson
King Arthur                          Camilla Ann Richmond♦     Tampa, FL              Emerson
Kamikaze Pilots	                     Mako Sasaki♦              Yokohama, JAPAN	      Emerson

Woodrow Wilson                       Noel Kimiko Sugimura       Carpinteria, CA       7/3 Sp97
Grant and Sherman                    Josh Tarasoff              Greens Farms, CT      7/3 Sp97
Prague Spring                        Alexandra Taylor           Victoria, AUS         7/3 Sp97
Eleanor Roosevelt                    Julia Einbond              Bronx, NY             7/3 Sp97
Habeas Corpus                        William D. Rahm            New York, NY          7/3 Sp97
Simla Agreement                      Deepa Prakash              Battaramulla, SRI     7/3 Sp97
Pioneer Women                        Andrea Lynn Arrington      Tulsa, OK             7/3 Sp97
"The Gimmick"                        Megan Larkin               Walla Walla, WA       7/3 Sp97
The Jungle                           Jennifer Ireland           Miami, FL             7/3 Sp97
Dietrich Bonhoeffer                  Christoph Schmidt-Supprian Dublin, IRE           7/3 Sp97
M. Carey Thomas                      Joelle Gail Novey♦	        Baltimore, MD	      7/3 Sp97

John James Audubon                   Lauren Parks               Monterey, CA          7/4 Su97
XYZ Affair                           Ken Mitton                 Boulder, CO           7/4 Su97
L.Q.C. Lamar                         Stephen G. Henry           Natchitoches, LA      7/4 Su97
Elizabeth Winship                    Lisa Hopkins♦              Sandy, UT             7/4 Su97
Catholic Maronites                   Pierre Elias Azzi          Stuart, FL            7/4 Su97
George Washington                    Michael Berkowitz          Bronx, NY             7/4 Su97
Strategic Bombing                    Georg Junginger            Oegstgeest, HOL       7/4 Su97
Rutherford B. Hayes                  Alec D. Barker             Philadelphia, PA      7/4 Su97
Dwight D. Eisenhower                 Andrew Farris              Montclair, NJ         7/4 Su97
Operation Jubilee                    Jesse Esch                 Edmonton, ALB         7/4 Su97
Civil War Medicine                   Elisabeth D. Bedell        Washington, DC        7/4 Su97

Volume 8


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Bonus March                          Noah Heller                Minneapolis, MN       8/1 F97
American Party                       Hannah Weiss               Providence, RI        8/1 F97
Pentagon Papers                      Rebeccah Weiss             Providence, RI        8/1 F97
Chinese Democracy                    Andrew Paquin              Hong Kong             8/1 F97
Connecticut Loyalists                Claire Thompson            Simsbury, CT          8/1 F97
Southern Diplomacy                   Amanda Creekman            Fairfax, VA           8/1 F97
Army Life                            Ingrid Schmidt             Mercersburg, PA       8/1 F97
Cultural Treasures                   Anne Roller                Columbia, MO          8/1 F97
Chinese Poetry                       Alison Friedman            Washington, DC        8/1 F97
Joan of Arc                          Ashley Futrell             Memphis, TN           8/1 F97
W.C.T.U.                             Ginger Gentile             East Hampton, NY      8/1 F97

Calhoun and Webster                  Niels K. Gjertson          Easthampton, MA       8/2 W97
Panama Canal                         Ves Bennett                Woodberry Forest, VA  8/2 W97
Downtown Flushing                    Amy Peltz                  New York, NY          8/2 W97
Marat and Robespierre                Elizabeth Everton          Baltimore, MD         8/2 W97
Draft Riots of 1863                  David Johansen             Boca Raton, FL        8/2 W97
Plains Indians                       Brian G. Hartz             Indianapolis, IN      8/2 W97
Stanford White Case                  Sasha Kopf                 Easthampton, MA       8/2 W97
Napoleon Bonaparte                   Amit R. Majithia           Hackensack, NJ        8/2 W97
Atomic Bombs                         Michael Robinson           Durham, NC            8/2 W97
Tet Offensive                        Jacob Polny                Hong Kong             8/2 W97
New Hampshire Primary                Michael Gottesman          Andover, MA           8/2 W97

Black Monday                         Michael Hochberg           Natchitoches, LA      8/3 Sp98
Consumption Ethic                    Tiffany Reese              Fort Worth, TX        8/3 Sp98
State Water Project                  Carl Takei                 Sacramento, CA        8/3 Sp98
The Long March                       Juliet McCulloch           Uxbridge, ENGLAND     8/3 Sp98
Navajo Warriors                      Elizabeth Rowntree         West Hartford, CT     8/3 Sp98
Theodor Herzl                        Clare Levy                 Memphis, TN           8/3 Sp98
Republican Revolution                Eleanor Roy                Hong Kong, CHINA      8/3 Sp98
Southern Timocracy                   Alexander Harrison         Greens Farms, CT      8/3 Sp98
Chinatown                            Alison Mara Friedman       Washington, DC        8/3 Sp98
Women's Colleges                     Kerry Carwile Masteller    Walla Walla, WA       8/3 Sp98
Lowell Mill Girls                    Marianna Leavy-Sperounis   Newton, MA            8/3 Sp98

Cherokee Factions                    Susan-Anne Tuddenham       Pasadena, CA          8/4 Su98
Herbert Hoover                       Stephen E. Sachs           Clayton, MO           8/4 Su98
Bulgarian Jews                       Calin Trenkov-Wermuth      New York, NY          8/4 Su98
Helsinki Bombing                     Laura Loikkanen            Helsinki, FINLAND     8/4 Su98
Uganda Politics                      Sarah Marcus               Columbus, OH          8/4 Su98
Czechoslovakia 1943                  Peter Ciganik              South Glamorgan, WAL  8/4 Su98
Lincoln Brigade                      Rebecca Brie Hanover       Memphis, TN           8/4 Su98
Pope Pius XII                        Stefano Bertolini          Vienna, AUSTRIA       8/4 Su98
Massachusetts Turnpike               Tobias Berkman             Newton, MA            8/4 Su98
PLO Terrorism                        Simo J. Kalla              Geneva, SWITZERLAND   8/4 Su98
Cesar Chavez                         Elizabeth A. Silverman     Riverdale, NY         8/4 Su98

Volume 9


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Abigail Adams                        Jennifer Shingleton        Andover, MA           9/1 F98
Operation Citadel                    Jeff Blehar                Rockland, MD          9/1 F98
Aleut Evacuation                     Christopher Cueva§         Anchorage, AK         9/1 F98
Muckrakers                           Christine Musich           Bronx, NY             9/1 F98
King Tribhuvan                       J. Jayawickramarajah       Colombo, SRI LANKA    9/1 F98
Amistad Incident                     Aleagia Mercer-Falkoff     Wallingford, CT       9/1 F98
Chinese Exclusion                    Michelle L. Wu             Pasadena, CA          9/1 F98
Sakharov & Solzhenitsyn              Natalya Kozyreva           Manhattan, NY         9/1 F98
Civil War Songs                      Nicole Perlman             Boulder, CO           9/1 F98
Avro Arrow                           Prashant Jain              Burnaby, BC           9/1 F98

Reconstruction                       Emily L. Pressman          Lakeville, CT         9/2 W98
Political Parties                    Jinger Zhao                Plano, TX             9/2 W98
Pennsylvania Quakers                 Eytan Solomon              Wyncote, PA           9/2 W98
Jabez Winship                        Jonathan B. Hopkins        Sandy, UT             9/2 W98
Fascism in Norway                    Trygve Berge               Stavanger, NORWAY     9/2 W98
Soviet Policy                        Yoni Cohen                 Lexington, MA         9/2 W98
Consumer Appliances                  R. R. K. Bhattacharya      Washington, DC        9/2 W98
Quiz Shows                           Geoffrey M. Barrows        Minneapolis, MN       9/2 W98
Battle of the Crater                 Jeffrey Hanauer            Chicago, IL           9/2 W98
Annexation of Hawaii                 Elizabeth K. Egan          Braintree, MA         9/2 W98
Alvin Cullum York                    Emily Muscio-Donohue       Monterey, CA          9/2 W98

Battle of Jutland                    Paolo G. C. Caldato        Rome, ITALY           9/3 Sp99
Shakespeare & Company                Alexandria Ricke           Tallahassee, FL       9/3 Sp99
Kent County                          Ann Collier                Groton, MA            9/3 Sp99
Gabriele D'Annunzio                  Melina Hoffman             Chicago, IL           9/3 Sp99
Grand Jury                           Micah Joel Maxwell         Baltimore, MD         9/3 Sp99
Isthmian Canal                       Jeremy Tollefson           Elk Grove, CA         9/3 Sp99
Child Labor                          Sarah McKinley             McLean, VA            9/3 Sp99
Barry Goldwater                      Gilman Barndollar          Andover, MA           9/3 Sp99
Woody Guthrie                        Liz Davis                  Louisville, KY        9/3 Sp99
Operation Pluto                      Kelly Omohundro            Greens Farms, CT      9/3 Sp99
Jewish Immigration                   Jonah Knobler              Cincinnati, OH        9/3 Sp99

Civil War Ciphers                    Laura Matzen               Albuquerque, NM       9/4 Su99
Mountain Meadows                     Sarah B. Willeman          Byfield, MA           9/4 Su99
Fabian Society                       Andrew Spadafora           Lake Forest, IL       9/4 Su99
Afghanistan                          Ali Batmanghelidj          Laguna Hills, CA      9/4 Su99 
Katharine Graham                     Katherine G. Porter        Charlotte, NC         9/4 Su99 
Escape of the Goeben                 John W. Steward            Henley-on-Thames, UK  9/4 Su99 
Rocky Flats Movement                 John Howard Papazian       Littleton, CO         9/4 Su99
Afrika Korps                         Matthew Furrow             Halifax, NS           9/4 Su99
German Industry                      Tamás Vonyó                Victoria, BC          9/4 Su99
Public Health                        Christopher Kroppmann      Port Washington, NY   9/4 Su99
A Bintel Brief                       Sarah Weiss                Chicago, IL           9/4 Su99

Volume 10


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Emma Willard                         Erin Silverman             Troy, NY              10/1 F99
Eamon de Valera                      Clare Stroud               Calgary, ALBERTA      10/1 F99
Jay's Treaty                         Matthew Anderson           St. Simons Isle, GA   10/1 F99
Homestead Grays                      Erinn Evans                Pittsburgh, PA        10/1 F99
Wizard of Oz                         Hana S. Field              Chicago, IL           10/1 F99
New Mexico                           Rachel López               St. Petersburg, FL    10/1 F99
Léon Blum                            Cillian Nolan              Rockville, MD         10/1 F99
Puerto Rico                          Erica Bernstein            Dobbs Ferry, NY       10/1 F99
Equal Rights Amendment               Sara Newland               New York, NY          10/1 F99
Belgian Congo                        Paul Morton                Rockville, MD         10/1 F99
Burger Court                         Andrew Gianelli            Lancaster, PA         10/1 F99

G.I. Bill                            Stephanie Swanson          Minneapolis, MN       10/2 W99
July Crisis                          Shakirah Hudani            Nairobi, KENYA        10/2 W99
Marshal Pétain                       Alexander Robbins          North Hollywood, CA   10/2 W99
Harlem Renaissance                   Jenny Abrams               Boulder, CO           10/2 W99
Jeremy Bentham                       Patrick Bradley            Burlington, VT        10/2 W99
Iran Policy                          Carla Federman             Kansas City, MO       10/2 W99
American Feminism                    Denyani Srinivasan         Hong Kong, CHINA      10/2 W99
National Origins                     Joshua White               Richmond, VA          10/2 W99
Margaret Sanger                      Elyse Greenwald            San Francisco, CA     10/2 W99
Robin Hood                           Taylor Terry               Fort Myers, FL        10/2 W99
Sanatana Dharma                      Nicholas Phillips          Medford, OR           10/2 W99

Cuba in Angola                       Smita Nakhooda             Kampala, Uganda       10/3 Sp00
The Great Gatsby                     Jessi Y. Suzuki            Washington, DC        10/3 Sp00
Kaufmann Settlement                  Nicole Velez               Pittsburgh, PA        10/3 Sp00
Clifford Sifton                      Joanne Hwang†              Vancouver, BC         10/3 Sp00
Lusitania Disaster                   Amy Cooper†                Rockville, MD         10/3 Sp00
Fighters in 1940                     Miika Auvinen              Helsinki, Finland     10/3 Sp00
Panama Canal                         Alexis L. Miller†          Nantucket, MA         10/3 Sp00
18th Century Satire                  Jaqueline Kung♠            Anaheim, CA           10/3 Sp00
Mexican War                          Christian Berman           Greens Farms, CT      10/3 Sp00
Chingis Khan                         Lian Chang†                Edmonton, Alberta     10/3 Sp00
Cesare Lombroso                      Rebecca Fleming♦           Rivedale, NY          10/3 Sp00

New Zealand Furlough                 Katy Diane Donnelly        Auckland, NZ          10/4 Su00
Captain Vere                         Jesse Warren†              Roslyn Heights, NY    10/4 Su00
J. Pierpont Morgan                   Adam Gordon                San Diego, CA         10/4 Su00
Balfour Declaration                  Daniela Witten             Pasadena, CA          10/4 Su00
World War One                        James Egelhofer♦           Easthampton, MA       10/4 Su00
Criminal Justice                     Mariah Dylla               Albuquerque, NM       10/4 Su00
Little Bighorn                       Jesse Izzo                 Greens Farms, CT      10/4 Su00
Operation Overlord                   Joseph Kane Goldstein      North Hollywood, CA   10/4 Su00
Little Big Man                       Caroline Johnston          Hockessin, DE         10/4 Su00
Penny Press                          Kristin Marie Harnedy†     Suffield, CT          10/4 Su00
Camp Spirituals                      Rachel Meira Guberman†     Newton, MA            10/4 Su00

Volume 11


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Oscar Micheaux                       Sarah Weiss†♠              Chicago, IL           11/1 F00
History of IBM                       Brian Curtin               Waterbury, CT         11/1 F00
Air Surveillance                     Annika Ahtonen             Helsinki, Finland     11/1 F00
Antebellum South                     Jyoti Gupta                Shaker Heights, OH    11/1 F00
Southern Women                       Kristine Kay               Pasadena, CA          11/1 F00
Pope Pius XII                        Philippa Pavia             Riverdale, NY         11/1 F00
Portsmouth Square                    Barry Wenger               San Rafael, CA        11/1 F00
White House                          Jennifer Maybery†          Natchitoches, LA      11/1 F00
Douglas MacArthur                    Thomas Trapnell            Cambridge, MA         11/1 F00
Impeachment                          David Gopstein†♠           New York, NY          11/1 F00
German Society                       Maria Kueppers             Lisbon, Portugal      11/1 F00

U.S.S. Indianapolis                  Matthew Staum              Lawrenceville, NJ     11/2 W00
Salem Trials                         Emily H. Dupuis            New Orleans, LA       11/2 W00
William Jennings Bryan               Joshua Mitchell            North Hollywood, CA   11/2 W00
Ezra Pound                           Jonas Doberman†♠           Boulder, CO           11/2 W00
Marcus Garvey                        Katrina Robinson♠          Andover, MA           11/2 W00
Compromise of 1850                   Caroline Dao Lopez         Washington, DC        11/2 W00
Richard Wagner                       Rex Liu                    Toronto, Ontario      11/2 W00
Gainesville G-Men                    Paul Emerson               Gainesville, FL       11/2 W00
Vichy France                         Jason Vagliano             Milton, MA            11/2 W00
Lord of the Rings                    Jake Mandel                Deerfield, MA         11/2 W00
Winter War                           A. Rostovtsev†♠            Rockville, MD         11/2 W00

Monkey Trial                         Rebecca Fleming♦           Riverdale, NY         11/3 Sp01
Tejeros Assembly                     Ponciano Manalo            Middlesex, England    11/3 Sp01
Slavery Debate                       Erik Linstrum†             Redding, CT           11/3 Sp01
Bombing of Coventry                  Lance K. Blakeman†         Racine, WI            11/3 Sp01
Federalism                           Neil R. Mehrotra†          Minnetonka, MN        11/3 Sp01
John C. Calhoun                      Robert L. Cioffi           Exeter, NH            11/3 Sp01
Morgan & Mosby                       Douglas Schrock†           Centreville, MI       11/3 Sp01
Infectious Diseases                  Jason Glick                Pittsburgh, PA        11/3 Sp01
Wojciech Jaruzelski                  Helena Janczewska          Montezuma, NM         11/3 Sp01
Spiritualist Movement                Emily Alter♠               Ross, California      11/3 Sp01
Stephen Decatur                      Tessa Levine-Sauerhoff†    Bronx, New York       11/3 Sp01

Grigori Rasputin                     Fanny Wu                   Hong Kong, China      11/4 Su01
Pahlavi Dynasty                      Jeffrey K. Lee†♠           Newport Beach, CA     11/4 Su01
Women in WWII                        Stefanie Nelson†           Bountiful, UT         11/4 Su01
Moses Maimonides                     Jenny Maddux               Memphis, TN           11/4 Su01
German Witch Trials                  Tanya Sibai                Memphis, TN           11/4 Su01
William McKinley                     Elizabeth Norton           Washington, DC        11/4 Su01
Llewellyn Park & Levittown           Marissa Goldman            Riverdale, NY         11/4 Su01
Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain          Katie Miller               Charlotte, NC         11/4 Su01
Gustavus Adolphus                    Trevor Schwartz♠           Pasadena, CA          11/4 Su01
The Gilded Stage                     Ethan Ris                  Washington, DC        11/4 Su01
Darwin in Kansas                     Nancy Cheng†               Wichita, KS           11/4 Su01

Volume 12


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Rectification Campaign               Henry Wigan                Caracavelos, Portugal 12/1 F01
War Powers                           Jacob Saperstein           N. Hollywood, CA      12/1 F01
Tiananmen Square                     Hana Lee†♠                 New York, NY          12/1 F01
Russian Revolution                   Nicole S. Bonoff           Flintridge, CA        12/1 F01
Prohibition                          Robert P. Vance, Jr.♦      New Orleans, LA       12/1 F01
Two Revolutions                      Daniel Koffler             Hackensack, NJ        12/1 F01
Elizabeth Blackwell                  Laura Groberg†             Idaho Falls, Idaho    12/1 F01
Electoral College                    James Bailey Brislin♠      Suffield, CT          12/1 F01
German Strategy                      Patrick Hummel             Las Vegas, Nevada     12/1 F01
Napoleon Bonaparte                   Julia F. Bernstein†        Port Washington, NY   12/1 F01
Texas Politics                       Charles Chen               Houston, Texas        12/1 F01

Garden City Utopia                   Julia Werb†♠               Newton, MA            12/2 W01
Rape of Nanking                      Damaris Yeh†               Rockville, MD         12/2 W01
Anne Hutchinson                      Jessica Leight†♦           Cambridge, MA         12/2 W01
Pearl Harbor                         Irma Gunadi†               New South Wales       12/2 W01
Galveston Movement                   Erica Oppenheimer          San Antonio, TX       12/2 W01
Indian Independence                  Devon J. Mauldin           Little Rock, AR       12/2 W01
Alexander Hamilton                   Moira L. Hill♠            Twin Cities, MN        12/2 W01
Computer Revolution                  Priya Bhatia†              Overland Park, KS     12/2 W01
Alequippa Terrace                    Madeleine Clare Elish      Pittsburgh, PA        12/2 W01
Penobscot Indians                    Amy McNulty                Racine, WI            12/2 W01
Chosin Few                           Alexandra Irving           Monterey, CA          12/2 W01

Congo Reform Association             Adrian Eric Cook           Toronto, ONT          12/3 Sp02
Armenian Genocide                    Chrystan Skefos♦           Memphis, TN           12/3 Sp02
Spanish Inquisition                  Kate Friend                Memphis, TN           12/3 Sp02
Chaim Rumkowski                      Rachel Hines♦              Rockville, MD         12/3 Sp02
Hampton Roads                        Kimon Ioannides            Concord, MA           12/3 Sp02
Rural English Gentry                 Bryan Lowrance             Braintree, MA         12/3 Sp02
The Jungle                           Catherine Roche            Charlotte, NC         12/3 Sp02
Eugene V. Debs                       Peter G. Swartz            Mount St. Alban, DC   12/3 Sp02
Bonus Army                           Emily Taylor               Anaheim, CA           12/3 Sp02
Che Guevara                          Jacob Goldberg             Bronx, NY             12/3 Sp02
Hamilton & Jefferson                 Mark Mayer                 Boulder, CO           12/3 Sp02

Third Reich                          David Herbert♠             Brooklyn, NY          12/4 Su02	
Panpan Women                         Karou Hosoi                Amsterdam             12/4 Su02
Julius Nyerere                       Martin Broyles             Montezuma, NM         12/4 Su02
Icelandic Saga                       Austin Woerner♠            Wellesley, MA         12/4 Su02
Marxism vs. Anarchism                Adam Crager                Denver, CO            12/4 Su02
Political Machines                   Eric J. Suh♠               New Orleans, LA       12/4 Su02
Puritan Taverns                      Charles Rice               Deerfield, MA         12/4 Su02
American Almanacs                    Daniel Winik♠              Washington, DC        12/4 Su02
Joseph R. McCarthy                   Taraneh Gharib Nazem       Bronx, NY             12/4 Su02
Braddock's Expedition                Nathan Piper               Washington, PA        12/4 Su02
European Pronatalism                 Catherine Chelsea Rampell  Andover, MA           12/4 Su02

Volume 13


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American Canals	                     Breanna Lull‡♠             Elk Grove, CA         13/1 F02
Battle of Gettysburg	             Quig Bruning               Kansas City, MO       13/1 F02
Slave Songs                          Margaret Niehaus-Sauter    Cincinnati, OH        13/1 F02
Russian Mafia	                       Christopher M. Dannen      Windsor, CT           13/1 F02
Hitler Youth                         Morgan Galland             Ross, CA              13/1 F02
Mexican Independence                 Justin B. Ash♠             Bloomfield Hills, MI  13/1 F02
Simón Bolívar                        Laura Miller♠              Anaheim, CA           13/1 F02
Protocols of Zion                    Molly E. Weeks‡            Lusby, MD             13/1 F02
Fulgencio Batista                    Elizabeth A. Campbell      Memphis, TN           13/1 F02
General Santa Anna                   Susannah Reed              Houston, TX           13/1 F02
Hopedale Community                   Carolyn Sue Anderson       St. Simons Island, GA 13/1 F02

Hungary 1956                         Saranga Nakhooda           Kampala, Uganda       13/2 W02
Election of 1800                     Julia Cox‡                 Boulder, CO           13/2 W02
Jim Bridger                          Patrick Huffer‡            Boulder, CO           13/2 W02
Médecins Sans Frontières             Kimberly Greenberg‡♦       Great Neck, NY        13/2 W02
Shaker Society                       Sophia P. Snyder‡          Glendale, WI          13/2 W02
Haiti 1915-1934                      Marie Mont-Reynaud         Atherton, CA          13/2 W02
Slave Motherhood                     Melinda Koster             Bronx, NY             13/2 W02
First Amendment                      Rebeca Lewen               Pittsburgh, PA        13/2 W02
Secession Crisis                     Daniel Fisher‡             Ridgewood, NJ         13/2 W02
Nazi Resistance                      Devon Proudfoot            Halifax, Nova Scotia  13/2 W02
Transcendentalism                    Hana Lee‡                  Manhattan Island, NY  13/2 W02

Rockport Liquor Raid                 Marienna Murch             Byfield, MA           13/3 Sp03
Falklands War                        Michael Gibb               Hong Kong             13/3 Sp03
Uncle Tom’s Cabin                    Yan Zhao‡♠                 Okemos, MI            13/3 Sp03
Lloyd’s of London                    John Holman                Pasadena, CA          13/3 Sp03
Influenza 1918                       Jennifer Hsiao‡♦           West Hartford, CT     13/3 Sp03
Slave Power                          Patrick McClean‡           Moon, PA              13/3 Sp03
Exxon Valdez                         Reed Schuler♠             Seattle, WA           13/3 Sp03
Triangle Fire                        Laura Berner               Rye, NY               13/3 Sp03
Wagner-Rogers Bill                   Jessica Fleitman           Easthampton, MA       13/3 Sp03
Barbary Corsairs                     Will Gaybrick              Washington, DC        13/3 Sp03
German Internment                    Evelyn Dickmann‡           Raleigh, NC           13/3 Sp03

Francisco Franco                     Jan Michal Zapendowski♦    Dallas, TX            13/4 Su03
Gnosticism                           Elizabeth Davidson‡♠       San Antonio, TX       13/4 Su03
Compromise of 1867                   James Kwok                 Toronto, Ontario      13/4 Su03
Albert Einstein                      Byron Coffin Drury‡        Hanson, MA            13/4 Su03
Noah Webster                         Michael Bruce Fiddler      Medford, OR           13/4 Su03
Homestead Strike of 1892             Jacob C. Goldberg♦         Bronx, NY             13/4 Su03
Rwanda Genocide                      Marjorie J. Yano           Columbus, OH          13/4 Su03
Communist China                      Shounan Ho                 Los Angeles, CA       13/4 Su03
18th Century Midwives                Malka Benjamin‡♠           Newton, MA            13/4 Su03
Electoral College                    Nancy Cheng‡               Wichita, KS           13/4 Su03
The Kornilov Affair                  Michael Korzinstone♦       Toronto, Ontario      13/4 Su03

Volume 14


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Religious Freedom                    Wilson Hunter♦             Montgomery, AL        14/1 F03
Gandhi and Nehru                     Essi Ylitalo               Helsinki, Finland     14/1 F03
Burr’s Conspiracy                    Austin Woerner‡♠           Wellesley, MA         14/1 F03
Argentina’s Desaparecidos            Kyle Lebell                Ross, CA              14/1 F03
Cultural Revolution                  Stephanie Beckett‡         San Antonio, TX       14/1 F03
Cleopatra VII                        Christina Ywei Zhang‡      Clarksville, MD       14/1 F03
Karl Marx                            Paul DiRado‡               Cave Creek, AZ        14/1 F03
Spanish Gypsies                      Amy Motomura‡♠♦            Boulder, CO           14/1 F03
William & James Swaim                Alison Gilbert‡            Flossmoor, IL         14/1 F03
Willing Executioners                 Stephane Patrick Levy♠     Concord, NH           14/1 F03
Gaius Julius Caesar                  Edward G.R. Bennett, Jr.   Charleston, SC        14/1 F03

Prague Spring                       Jessica Pfeffer             Memphis, TN           14/2 W03
Social Darwinism                    Linnea N. Meyer‡            Milwaukee, WI         14/2 W03
Warren Harding                      Ari Sofair-Fisch            Paramus, NJ           14/2 W03
Missile Crisis                      Stuart Campo‡               Barre, VT             14/2 W03
Alexandra Romanoff                  Alexandra Daum              Groton, MA            14/2 W03
Spanish Influenza                   Alexander W. Peters         Rye, NY               14/2 W03
Knights Templar                     Michelle Mann‡♠♦            Hadley, MA            14/2 W03
American Medical Association        Rachel Jamison♠             Shaker Heights, OH    14/2 W03
Cold War                            Trent Magruder              Washington, DC        14/2 W03
Middle East                         Kyle Haddad-Fonda           Seattle, WA           14/2 W03
Thomas Nast                         Rachel S.G. Sealfon‡♠       New York, NY          14/2 W03

Turkish Missionaries                Cyrus Mossavar-Rahmani‡     Greenwich, CT         14/3 Sp04
Writs of Assistance                 Brandon Hopkins♦♠           Sandy, UT             14/3 Sp04
Battle of the Atlantic              William O. Scharf           Andover, MA           14/3 Sp04
George Washington                   Lorrie Kiger                Pittsburgh, PA        14/3 Sp04
Deinstitutionalization              Hilary K. Davis‡            South Hamilton, MA    14/3 Sp04
Kashmir and Pakistan                Hanna Marisa-Paz Dreier‡    San Francisco, CA     14/3 Sp04
John C. Fremont                     Robert Levin‡               St. Louis, MO         14/3 Sp04
All-American Girls                  Emily Rayford               McLean, VA            14/3 Sp04
Protestant Reformation              Emily Hahn                  Baltimore, MD         14/3 Sp04
U.S. Civil War Finance              Joseph Panetta              Philadelphia, PA      14/3 Sp04
El Cid                              Elizabeth Barret Matthews♠  Memphis, TN           14/3 Sp04

Catherine the Great                 Alyssa Bernstein            Troy, NY              14/4 Su04
Origins of Jazz                     Erin S. Finicane            Worcester, MA         14/4 Su04
NASA Programs                       Jacob Fisher                Fort Myers, FL        14/4 Su04
American Eugenics                   Sean Senthilnathan          Toronto, Ontario      14/4 Su04
Zimmerman Telegram                  Nick Schroeder              Elk Grove, CA         14/4 Su04
Authoritarian Government            Dashini Ann Jeyathurai      Singapore             14/4 Su04
German Reformation                  Matthew Popper♠♦            Morristown, NJ        14/4 Su04
Latitude and Longitude              Jeff Boes                   Dallas, TX            14/4 Su04
Robespierre and Lenin               Susanna Heinz               Chappaqua, NY         14/4 Su04
Hitler Youth                        Daniel Wenger               Portola Valley, CA    14/4 Su04
Congo Crisis                        Sara Cooper                 Albuquerque, NM       14/4 Su04

Volume 15


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Operation Barbarossa                Daniel Belkin               Rockville, MD         15/1 F04
Jewish Harlem                       Sarah Cholst Goldberg       Riverdale, NY         15/1 F04
Soviet Anti-Semitism                Tais E. A. J. Belmonte      Thessaloniki, Greece  15/1 F04
Liberty Ships                       Parker Morgan               St. Simons Island, GA 15/1 F04
Apartheid in South Africa           Elizabeth Lee Jemison       Memphis, TN           15/1 F04
Grigory Rasputin                    Chris Fedor                 Charlotte, NC         15/1 F04
French Fascism                      Brian Tashman               Port Washington, NY   15/1 F04
Leonardo da Vinci                   Alice DuVivier              Boulder, CO           15/1 F04
Gypsy Persecution                   Marla Epp                   Edmonton, Alberta     15/1 F04
Space Race                          Jeffrey L. Masor            Marietta, GA          15/1 F04
Battle of Antietam                  Cara Hines                  Rockville, MD         15/1 F04

Christianization of the Rus         Scott Nelson                Weston, MA            15/2 W04
Federal Arts Project                Lovell Holder               Charlotte, NC         15/2 W04
Potato Famine                       Kevin Zhou                  Danville, CA          15/2 W04
Pullman Strike                      S. Wylie Galvin             Washington, DC        15/2 W04
Japanese Internment                 Lisa Rosenfeld              Rye, NY               15/2 W04
Mexican-American Crisis             Scott Goldstein             West Hartford, CT     15/2 W04
Philippine Independence             Eric Demafeliz              Ridgewood, NJ         15/2 W04
Modern Israel                       Ian Johnson                 Bloomington, MN       15/2 W04
Bank of Amsterdam                   Kate Holman                 Pasadena, CA          15/2 W04
Ogaden Region                       Ezekiel Rediker             Pittsburgh, PA        15/2 W04
Two-Party System                    Juliet Anne Fraser          North Hollywood, CA   15/2 W04

Washington and Du Bois              Xianlin Li                  Durham, NC            15/3 Sp05
Grover Cleveland                    John Prinzivalli            Easthampton, MA       15/3 Sp05
Ida B. Wells                        Derrick Leung               Toronto, ON           15/3 Sp05
Cultural Revolution                 Lisa Sun                    San Antonio, TX       15/3 Sp05
Patriotic Music                     Caroline Offit              New York, NY          15/3 Sp05
Protocols of Zion                   Oliver R. Mains             Ross, CA              15/3 Sp05
Benjamin Wade                       Cullen Oakes Macbeth        Washington, DC        15/3 Sp05
Salem and India                     Veda Shastri                Lexington, MA         15/3 Sp05
Naval Renaissance                   Elissa Frankle              Rockville, MD         15/3 Sp05
Wakon Yosai                         Rebecca Sorge               San Antonio, TX       15/3 Sp05
John Adams                          Rachael Dean                Little Rock, AR       15/3 Sp05

Poland and Lithuania                Spencer Gray                Great Falls, MT       15/4 Su05
European Fascism                    Loh Shi Lin                 Singapore             15/4 Su05
Sarah Josehpa Hale                  Jane Herzeca                Andover, MA           15/4 Su05
Burr and Hamilton                   Edward Tung                 Fullerton, CA         15/4 Su05
The Invisible Hand                  Kaitlin Bergan              Allendale, NJ         15/4 Su05
Regents vs. Bakke                   Ramya Kasturi               New York, NY          15/4 Su05
American Railroads                  Zeno Yeates                 New Orleans, LA       15/4 Su05
War of 1812                         Craig Schindewolf           Egg Harbor Twp, NJ    15/4 Su05
Missile Crisis                      Jerome Giovinazzo           Brooklyn, NY          15/4 Su05
French Diplomacy                    Mark Stefanski              Palo Alto, CA         15/4 Su05
British Liberal Party               Shaina Wright               Chappaqua, NY         15/4 Su05
Volume 16


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Ukraine Famine                      Larisa Michalko             Penrith, Australia    16/1 F05
English Reformation                 Stephen Popper              Morristown, NJ        16/1 F05
Nuclear Accidents                   Rebecca Riehl               Ross, CA              16/1 F05
Tokugawa Merchants                  Julia C. Silverman          Groton, MA            16/1 F05
Civil War Diplomacy                 Steven Siegel               Rockville, MD         16/1 F05
Latin America                       John Mittermeier            Exeter, NH            16/1 F05
Haymarket Riot                      Daniel Robert Connelly      Arlington Heights, IL 16/1 F05
Operation Urgent Fury               Erik Lin-Greenberg          Las Vegas, NV         16/1 F05
Higher Education                    Rosie M. Sugrue             Coconut Grove, FL     16/1 F05
Woodrow Wilson                      Diana M. Pozo               Raleigh, NC           16/1 F05
Norse-Thule Interactions            Abigail Seldin              Andover, MA           16/1 F05

Charles George Gordon               Jake Dale                   Hudson, OH            16/2 W05
British Circulating Libraries       Laura Beth Kaplan           Memphis, TN           16/2 W05
Sullivan Brothers                   Cassandra Cappuccio         Monterey, CA          16/2 W05
U.S. Loan Policy                    John Gabriel Cunningham     Washington, DC        16/2 W05
American Language                   Sally Pei                   Exeter, NH            16/2 W05
Khmer Rouge in Cambodia             Marci J. Nafziger           Lowville, NY          16/2 W05
Bloody Sunday 1905                  Kirsi Tuomanen-Hill         Memphis, TN           16/2 W05
John Marshall Harlan                David Gurian-Peck           Manhattan Island, NY  16/2 W05
Lodge and Roosevelt                 Charles Grant               Byfield, MA           16/2 W05
Asian Communism                     Jennifer Poh                Singapore             16/2 W05
The Federal Reserve Act             Michael Ian Topol           Rye, NY               16/2 W05

Ladies' Land League                 Emma Curran Donnelly Hulse  Indianapolis, IN      16/3 Sp06
Black Sox Scandal                   Kristina E. Lyons           Wilbraham, MA         16/3 Sp06
Patriotic Music                     Daniel Walden               Oakland, CA           16/3 Sp06
Social Security                     Daniel Mattos Roberts       Raleigh, NC           16/3 Sp06
Creel and Fosdick                   Alexandra Petri             Washington, DC        16/3 Sp06
Federalist Divide                   John A. Nelson              Washington, DC        16/3 Sp06
Women in Africa                     Srishti Mirchandani         Louisville, KY        16/3 Sp06
Chinese Exclusion                   Denise T. Garcia            Albuquerque, NM       16/3 Sp06
Reagan Years                        Brandon J. Soeiro           Toronto, Ontario      16/3 Sp06
Modern Islam                        Tyler Waywell               Riverdale, NY         16/3 Sp06
Benjamin Franklin 1778              James M. Sterne             Lakeville, CT         16/3 Sp06

Cuban Missile Crisis                Rachel Witt                 Singapore             16/4 Su06
Polish-Soviet War                   Eugene Kim                  Rochester, MN         16/4 Su06
Turkey In Europe                    Alexander Crawshaw          Athens, GA            16/4 Su06
Basque Autonomy                     J. Alexander Thew           Morristown, NJ        16/4 Su06
Hamilton and Burr                   Louise Wang                 Natchitoches, LA      16/4 Su06
Bryan and McKinley                  Mark Solomon                Winnetka, IL          16/4 Su06
SAT Meritocracy                     Grace Fong                  Philadelphia, PA      16/4 Su06
Nuremberg Laws                      Elana Feingold-Link         Lawrenceville, NJ     16/4 Su06
Thai Independence                   Prangnalin Chaturaphat      Groton, MA            16/4 Su06
Legend of Samson                    Jourdan B. Urbach           Roslyn Heights, NY    16/4 Su06
G.I. Bill of 1944                   Kevin McCarthy              Andover, MA           16/4 Su06

Volume 17


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Leopold II Antoine Cadot-Wood ‡♦ Gorham, Maine

17/1 F06

Treaty of Versailles Dakin Sloss ‡ Clayton, Missouri 17/1 F06
Swanson Facility Lucy Truesdell Ellis Byfield, Massachusetts

17/1 F06

Rwandan GenocideEmily KogutParis, France17/1 F06
Tulip ManiaEmma BanayConcord, Massachusetts17/1 F06
Charles LindberghTiffany Lo ‡ Fullerton, California

17/1 F06

Channel TunnelJennifer L. D'AuriaHudson, Ohio17/1 F06
Frank HagueDaniel P. Fallon ‡♦ Chester, New Jersey17/1 F06
New FranceReid Dvorak ‡Elgin, Illinois17/1 F06
Civil War WeaponsW. Dewees Yeager IV ‡Bronxville, New York17/1 F06
Dickens and EngelsAlexandra KushmanCoconut Grove, Florida17/1 F06
Antebellum LouisianaYoonhee Gloria Park ‡♦ New York, New York17/2 W06
The Burning TimesNicholas B. CorserCincinatti, Ohio17/2 W06
Charles DarwinSamuel Brudner ♦Brooklyn, New York17/2 W06
William PittRachel E. Dunn ‡Rochester, Minnesota17/2 W06
Civil War MedicineJessica Bingham ‡Chester, New Jersey17/2 W06
Woman SuffrageLaura Pacifici ‡ Wallingford, Pennsylvania17/2 W06
Brooklyn BridgeMadeleine Bernstein ‡Port Washington, New York17/2 W06
Nikola TeslaKathryn E. McAuleyEasthampton, Massachusetts17/2 W06
Ida TarbellJoanna LinzerPittsburgh, Pennsylvania17/2 W06
Crash of 1929Omar MadhanyToronto, Ontario17/2 W06
Kargil WarMahati Gollamudi ‡ Chantilly, Virginia17/2 W06
Meiji RestorationAndrea NobleBangkok, Thailand17/3 Sp07
King CnutRoss Carstens ‡♦Chappaqua, New York17/3 Sp07
SDS Rise and FallRachel Wolf ‡♦Palo Alto, California17/3 Sp07
Schlieffen PlanSlater StichSouth Daytona, Florida17/3 Sp07
Judicial ReviewElizabeth BershadMontclair, New Jersey17/3 Sp07
Crisis in SomaliaAlexa Scheer ‡Springfield, Missouri17/3 Sp07
Invention of the LaserCynthia SungHouston, Texas17/3 Sp07
Canadian EugenicsLeah Helen Wiener ♦Toronto, Ontario17/3 Sp07
Gunfight at the OK CorralEvans Love ♦Washington, DC17/3 Sp07
Loving v. VirginiaGita Ramamurti ‡Lexington, Massachusetts17/3 Sp07

Winter War

Barbara McClay §♦

Signal Mountain, Tennessee

17/3 Sp07

Greek Enlightenment

Dhruv K. SinghalDallas, Texas

17/4 Su07

Journey to the WestHewon Kari YookAlexandria, Virginia17/4 Su07
Hitler and MussoliniLim Sin NiSingapore

17/4 Su07

Russian VouchersPrateek KumarAndover, Massachusetts17/4 Su07
Nazi PropagandaRobert ZimbroffClaremont, California

17/4 Su07

Eastern FrontNeel DoshiPort Washington, New York17/4 Su07
Hôpital Albert SchweitzerAlexandra Christine ChuPittsburgh, Pennsylvania17/4 Su07
Florida Ship CanalCaroline BovayGainesville, Florida

17/4 Su07

Industrial RevolutionThomas MitchellGreens Farms, Connecticut17/4 Su07
Ukraine IdentityRebekah JudsonPoughkeepsie, New York

17/4 Su07

British Rule in EgyptJohnathan Pryor ♦Manhattan Island, New York

17/4 Su07

Volume 18


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Silver MiningMarianna Papageorge ‡Weston, Massachusetts18/1 F07
United Arab RepublicColin Sellers Harris ♦Washington, DC18/1 F07
Shoe CityGerryAnne Jean ‡Lynn, Massachusetts18/1 F07
Jefferson's ReligionKatherine NovinskiDallas, Texas18/1 F07
Union PrisonsCatherine HaueterMonterey, California18/1 F07
American CommunistsGerard D'EmilioPittsburgh, Pennsylvania18/1 F07
Alger HissMeghan DohertyByfield, Massachusetts18/1 F07
Murder in ChicagoAlexandra RahmanAndover, Massachusetts18/1 F07
Gothic ArchitectureJessica MalitorisRaleigh, North Carolina18/1 F07
Poland and LithuaniaPaul Armstrong ‡ ♦Rockville, Maryland18/1 F07
Afrika KorpsMarco Sabatino RomeoToronto, Ontario18/1 F07
Tu Quoque DefenseNicole A. Heise ‡ ♦Ithaca, New York18/2 W07
Blacks and KoreansYoonhee Gloria Park ‡ ♦New York, New York18/2 W07
Convention of 1968Elizabeth CooperSt Simons Island, Georgia18/2 W07
Women RulersHadley NagelNew York, New York18/2 W07
Miranda DecisionHelena MalchionePasadena, California18/2 W07
Law of the SeaOlivia SingerWest Hartford, Connecticut18/2 W07
Yiddish TheaterRuth Nachmany ‡New York, New York18/2 W07
German-American InternmentJenna DevineMartinsville, New Jersey18/2 W07
Purple CodeMichael CohenBoston, Massachusetts

18/2 W07

Philippine WarBenjamin Loffredo ♦ Bronx, New York18/2 W07
Tito & MilosevicKatalin NovakPrague, Czech Republic18/3 Sp08
Uncle Tom's CabinElise S. Zevitz ♦Racine, Wisconsin18/3 Sp08
Red GuardsTucker FrossGroton, Massachusetts18/3 Sp08
Decline of BritainDelyana KyosevaEdmonton, Albert18/3 Sp08
Racial HygienicsJenna Gaska ‡San Antonio, Texas18/3 Sp08
Korean WarDaniel LeeNorth Hollywood, California18/3 Sp08
Human TraffickingAaron Greenwald ‡Bronx, New York18/3 Sp08
Yalta 1945David Chan Tar WeiSingapore18/3 Sp08
Act of Union 1707Cerianne Robertson ‡Chappaqua, New York18/3 Sp08
Oneida CommunityElizabeth EullerGolden Valley, Minnesota18/3 Sp08
George WashingtonDanielle RothmanAndover, Massachusetts18/3 Sp08
Bombing of GuernicaSarah ZagerAlbuquerque, New Mexico18/4 Su08
East India CompanySarah C. ArmitageConcord, Massachusetts18/4 Su08
Nine Years' WarLoughlin SweeneyZurich, Switzerland

18/4 Su08

Chinese Economic ReformPamela Ban ‡ ♦ Worthington, Ohio18/4 Su08
Marshall & RoaneJames HutchinsRye, New York18/4 Su08
Utah StatehoodRebecca SacklerRye, New York18/4 Su08
Japanese InternmentKelsey DeenihanMontclair, New Jersey18/4 Su08
Oslo ProcessJacob T. Silverman ‡Oak Park, Illinois18/4 Su08
William BlountBlount StewartWashington, DC18/4 Su08
H.J. HeinzAnne L. SlivkaPittsburgh, Pennsylvania18/4 Su08
Two-Party SystemAlexander J. HoltzmanSan Francisco, California18/4 Su08
Volume 19


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Bessemer ProcessPearson W. Miller ‡♠New York, New York19/1 F08
Soviet-Afghan WarColin Rhys Hill ♦ Altanta, Georgia19/1 F08
SilêncioInês Geraldes CardosoLisbon, Portugal19/1 F08
Jews in EnglandMilo Brendan Barisof §Santa Cruz, California19/1 F08
United States FrigatesCaleb Greinke ‡♠Riverside, Missouri19/1 F08
Roxy StinsonElizabeth E. DoeDeerfield, Massachusetts19/1 F08
Mary, Queen of ScotsElizabeth PittsCharlotte, North Carolina19/1 F08
Viking GiftsElisabeth RosenBrooklyn, New York19/1 F08
Hugh DowdingConnor Rowntree ‡♠West Hartford, Connecticut19/1 F08
Confederate GoldSteffi DelcourtSt. Simons Island, Georgia19/1 F08
Max WeberDiane (Elly) BrinkleyNew York, New York19/1 F08
British Entry in WWILiam KrugerManila, Philippines19/2 W08
Shenzhen SEZJustin Lucas Sola ‡♠Bennington, Vermont19/2 W08
Chicago Freedom MovementTom Stanley-Becker ♠Chicago, Illinois19/2 W08
British DiplomacyStephen A. Taft ♠Washington, DC19/2 W08
Imam ShamilMustafa GhaniEdmonton, Alberta19/2 W08
Pacificus-Helvidius DebatesRachel SecrestIndianapolis, Indiana19/2 W08
Yiddish SocialismEdward Benjamin Samuels ♠Pasadena,California19/2 W08
Motion Picture IndustryKirk BensonWashington, DC19/2 W08
Brahe and KeplerBen Zinberg ‡Chappaqua, New York19/2 W08
Asian Financial CrisisIan Liang En Wee ♦ Singapore19/2 W08
Wahhabism and the House of SaudDave Grundfest ♠Little Rock, Arkansas19/2 W08
Khmer RougeBastian Michael SagildBangkok, Thailand19/3 Sp09
Slovak NationalismAlexander Zou ‡♦ Danville, California19/3 Sp09
Philip of MacedonAmalia Skilton ♦ Tempe, Arizona19/3 Sp09
Alaska PipelineBrett McCartney Plugis ‡ Bedford, Massachusetts19/3 Sp09
Augustus CaesarMegan Chi ‡♠ Edmonton, Alberta19/3 Sp09
Irish NationalismJane Abbottsmith ♦ Cincinnati, Ohio19/3 Sp09
Spanish-American WarMax de La BruyèreExeter, New Hampshire19/3 Sp09
Executive Order 9981Samuel C. Telzak ‡ Manhattan, New York19/3 Sp09
Marshall CourtAlison Pease ‡ Glastonbury, Connecticut19/3 Sp09
Catholicism in EnglandSophie WillisKent, United Kingdom19/3 Sp09
Polish Democracy 1919-1926Jeffrey SteinBronx, New York19/3 Sp09
442 Regimental Combat TeamCarolyn Akemi Leung ♠ Pasadena, California19/4 Su09
Annexation of HawaiiEthan Lalakea AlterLos Altos Hills, California19/4 Su09
Harriet TubmanJuliette BuiterEindhoven, Netherlands19/4 Su09
African Failed StatesAlexandra SingLittle Rock, Arkansas19/4 Su09
ReconstructionNicholls Pugh Kellogg ♠ Washington, DC19/4 Su09
Hijab in IslamGrace Allen ♠ Cyprus19/4 Su09
Nellie BlyBrooke WillisVero Beach, Florida19/4 Su09
Female ReformersChristine Diepenbrock ‡ Raleigh, North Carolina19/4 Su09
PenmanshipMax Dean ‡ Fort Collins, Colorado19/4 Su09
1864 Flordia CampaignGregory Kurzhals ‡♠ Newhall, California19/4 Su09
Bar Kokhba RevoltJacob Kupferman ♠ Charleston, South Carolina19/4 Su09
Volume 20


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International Whaling CommissionAlyssa K. DonovanSan Jose, California 20/1 F09
Communist TakeoverPetr JohanesPrague, Czech Republic20/1 F09
Islamic SpainEmily Rappaport♠ Brooklyn, New York20/1 F09
Soviet EmpireGeorge MalihaAmarillo, Texas20/1 F09
Roman EmpireKeith Jamieson♠ Rockville, Maryland20/1 F09
HIV/AIDS in ChinaJonathan WeinsteinSudbury, Massachusetts20/1 F09
Chinese ImmigrationChao LongPittsburgh, Pennsylvania20/1 F09
Freedom SummerMaria FernandezShaker Heights, Ohio20/1 F09
Influenza 1918Brooke Granowski♠ Dallas, Texas20/1 F09
Visigothic CodeThomas J. HwangRiverdale, New York20/1 F09
Convivencia in Medieval SpainWei Li♦ Singapore

20/1 F09

State of PakistanLara MitraWashington, DC20/2 W09
Morse v. FrederickDaniel SteinLa Jolla, California20/2 W09
Rise and Fall of CahokiaDaniel Solecki♦ Maplewood, New Jersey20/2 W09
Andersonville PrisonJonathan Kaplowitz♠ Maplewood, New Jersey20/2 W09
History of MadagascarLeila PirbayAntananarivo, Madagascar20/2 W09
War of 1812Daniel F. WebberMinneapolis, Minnesota20/2 W09
Northern IrelandTodd Brenner♠ Chappaqua, New York20/2 W09
Missionaries in ChinaMary Peeler♠ Memphis, Tennessee20/2 W09
Arquebus in JapanMichael Richardson♠ North Hollywood, California20/2 W09
Operation AjaxJohn Randolph ThorntonLakeville, Connecticut20/2 W09
Civil War Medicinebuy nowChristiane Henrich♦ Marblehead, Massachusetts

20/2 W09

Alexander HamiltonTianhao He‡Bethesda, Maryland20/3 Sp10
Korean RefugeesMin Eun Jeon♠Seoul, Korea20/3 Sp10
ZapatistasPrashanth Kamalakanthan‡Raleigh, North Carolina20/3 Sp10
Roman ExpansionJay Hyun Kim♠Wallingford, Connecticut20/3 Sp10
Christianity in KoreaJeong-Won Yang♦ Winston-Salem, N. Carolina20/3 Sp10
ARPANETRose KovenMontclair, New Jersey20/3 Sp10
Battle of GallipoliRobert L. Stone§ ♠ Chicago, Illinois20/3 Sp10
Magyars and RomaniansHikari Senju‡♠Chappaqua, New York20/3 Sp10
Pullman Strike of 1894Viveca W.S. Morris♠Exeter, New Hampshire20/3 Sp10
Lincoln & Plains IndiansLaura B. PendletonCharlottesville, Virginia20/3 Sp10
Ainu Trade, 1650-1720Kaya Nagayo♠Yokohama, Japan20/3 Sp10
Norman BorlaugBenjamin Weichman‡Bedford, Massachusetts20/4 Su10
Rwandan GenocideAbhishek Raman ParajuliKathmandu, Nepal20/4 Su10
Balkan Wars,1912-1913Neal Feldman‡Denver, Colorado20/4 Su10
Pittsburgh's East LibertyJane Oliver Cavalier♠Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania20/4 Su10
Muslim BrotherhoodEmma Silverman‡Oak Park, Illinois20/4 Su10
American EconomicsAnirudha BalasubramanianWashington, DC20/4 Su10
Confederate DivideRuodi Duan‡Arcadia, California20/4 Su10
African ColoniesSydney S. Small♠Chicago, Illinois20/4 Su10
Italian FascismAntonia Woodford♠Riverdale, New York20/4 Su10
The Long TelegramScotland William Long‡♠Irvington, New York20/4 Su10
Andrew JacksonEuNa Noh♦ Exeter, New Hampshire

20/4 Su10

Volume 21


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Female InfanticideAyana Gray♦Little Rock, Arkansas21/1 F10
Tuskegee ExperimentIsabel ParkeyBrooklyn, New York21/1 F10
Maginot LineOliver Wyatt KimSingapore21/1 F10
Orphan TrainsLesley C. Stevenson♠ Memphis, Tennessee21/1 F10
Peninsular WarRishab Guha‡Chappaqua, New York21/1 F10
Cherokee NationSarah FosterHudson, Ohio21/1 F10
Establishment ClauseJulie M. ReiterMontclair, New Jersey21/1 F10
North Korean RefugeesJeong Hoon LeeSouth Korea21/1 F10
John Jacob AstorEmma Campbell-MohnNew Haven, Connecticut21/1 F10
Hermit KingdomMin Kyung KoLittle Rock, Arkansas21/1 F10
Socialist RealismMaya Krishnan‡♦Rockville, Maryland21/1 F10
George RipleyElizabeth TwomeyNew Orleans, Louisiana21/2 W10
The Italian StateAntonia Woodford♠ Bronx, New York21/2 W10
Theodore RooseveltLucia A. RandallMontclair, New Jersey21/2 W10
Kim Dae JungYoungkwon Yu♠ Pennsburg, Pennsylvania21/2 W10
Sinn FéinSimeon Burke‡Chicago, Illinois21/2 W10
Battle of GettysburgRobert D. Hogan‡Glastonbury, Connecticut21/2 W10
Sakhalin KoreansYeon Woo Lee♠ South Korea21/2 W10
May Fourth MovementCaroline W. Tan‡San Jose, California21/2 W10
The Land IroncladsCody E. Nager‡North Salem, New York21/2 W10
Lodge vs. KennedyMatthew Weinstein♦Belmont, Massachusetts21/2 W10
Louis vs. SchmelingKevin LiuOakville, Ontario21/2 W10
Matteo RicciCaitlin Lu♦Hong Kong

21/3 Sp11

Reforms of Gaius MariusAndrew Crumrine‡Rockville, Maryland21/3 Sp11
Rights of Muslim WomenTina SolvikDanville, California21/3 Sp11
Peter the GreatPreeti VarathanSingapore21/3 Sp11
Headscarf BanFatima HosainPougkeepsie, New York21/3 Sp11
Roman BritainMolly Pickel‡***Chappaqua, New York21/3 Sp11
Slaves in the RevolutionCaroline MullinsMemphis, Tennessee21/3 Sp11
Lincoln and RooseveltJiweon KimLakeville, Connecticut21/3 Sp11
Jewish CommunityRachel Harrus‡***Palo Alto, California21/3 Sp11
James K. PolkRachel Waltman‡Tenfly, New Jersey21/3 Sp11
Tito's YugoslaviaSamuel Ramani***Toronto, Ontario21/3 Sp11
Knights TemplarChetan SinghalSingapore21/4 Su11
Nullification CrisisEdward Mahaffey***Washington, DC21/4 Su11
Sesame StreetIsabel RuaneNew Haven, Connecticut21/4 Su11
Sinking of LusitaniaRujul ZapardeLawrenceville, New Jersey21/4 Su11
Near v. MinnesotaAlexander Q. Anderson‡***Eagan, Minnesota21/4 Su11
Charge of the Light BrigadeErynn KimPasadena, Californa21/4 Su11
Jozef PilsudskiPiotr DormusVictoria, British Columbia21/4 Su11
Failure of PerestroikaLo Man Chuen AdrianHong Kong21/4 Su11
Anglo-Afghan WarEric Keen♦Bethesda, Maryland21/4 Su11
Confucian InfluenceHyoung Ook WeeGangwon, South Korea21/4 Su11
The Needham QuestionJonathan Lu♦Hong Kong21/4 Su11
Special Korean Issue


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Convivencia in SpainWei Li♦SingaporeSK Su11••
Christianity in KoreaJeong-Won YangWinston-Salem, N. CarolinaSK Su11
Roman ExpansionJay Hyun KimWallingford, ConnecticutSK Su11
Ainu Trade 1650-1720Kaya Nagayo♦Yokohama, JapanSK Su11
Civil War MedicineChristiane Henrich‡♦Marblehead, MassachusettsSK Su11
Chinese ImmigrationChao LongPittsburgh, PennsylvaniaSK Su11
Magyars & RomaniansHikari Senju‡Chappaqua, New YorkSK Su11
Female InfanticideAyana GrayLittle Rock, ArkansasSK Su11
Arquebus in JapanMichael RichardsonNorth Hollywood, CASK Su11
Pullman Strike of 1894Viveca W.S. MorrisExeter, New HampshireSK Su11
Chinese Economic ReformPamela Ban‡♦Worthington, OhoSK Su11
Volume 22


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Rudolf SteinerHannah Sassoon♦ Brooklyn, New York

22/1 F11

Park Chung HeeSeungMoon LeeSeoul, Korea22/1 F11
Austro-Prussian WarJason KimRochester, Minnesota22/1 F11
Germany and AustriaRose Berman♦ Rockville, Maryland22/1 F11
Boer WarPatrick ReedWashington, DC22/1 F11
Rose O'Neal GreenhowCaitlin AndrewsExeter, New Hampshire22/1 F11
17th Century PiracyNatalia GinsburgChicago, Illinois22/1 F11
The Teddy BearKristina WaldChicago, Illinois22/1 F11
U.S. ConstitutionMatthew SchweitzerOakland, California22/1 F11
Homestead StrikeChristopher H. BravoLenox, Massachusetts22/1 F11
Progressive EugenicsAgigail Holtzman♦ Newton, Massachusetts

22/1 F11

Dutch Republic

Aaron Yappert

Singapore22/2 W11
Harvey GirlsElena Riecke‡Maplewood, New Jersey22/2 W11
McCartney ExpeditionDavid TongChicago, Illinois22/2 W11
John Quincy AdamsChristopher A. MeyerAndover, Massachusetts22/2 W11
Proslavery WritingsGabriel AlvarezBoston, Massachusetts22/2 W11
Panic of 1907Justin Scott KatireiBronx, New York22/2 W11
Empress TheodoraRachel KupfermanCharleston, South Carolina22/2 W11
Urban DevelopmentYeeun ChunSeoul, South Korea22/2 W11
So Juana Inés de la CruzPatricia Perozo♦ Chicago, Illinois22/2 W11
Colorado River CompactElizabeth S. MahonFort Collins, Colorado22/2 W11
History of MathematicsZachary IzzoLawrenceville, New Jersey

22/2 W11

WWII Refugees Anushua BattacharyaWoodbury, Minnesota 22/3 Sp12
Invasion of New MexicoJonathan FrankleRockville, Maryland22/3 Sp12
Great Leap FamineEliza FawcettBrooklyn, New York22/3 Sp12
Rise of India Tiancheng Zhang Little Rock, Arkansas 22/3 Sp12
Effects of Glasnost Nicolas Powell Pleasonton, California 22/3 Sp12
Turner Rebellion Preston Metz Washington, DC 22/3 Sp12
Scottish Immigration Collin Henson Munster, Indiana 22/3 Sp12
Second Punic War luke R. Salazar Humboldt, Tennessee 22/3 Sp12
The Six Companies Kathleen Rao Sandy, Utah 22/3 Sp12
British in the Sudan jae hyun Lee♦ Hoengseong, Korea 22/3 Sp12
War of Regulation Sarah A. Sadlier♦ Tacoma, Washington

22/3 Sp12

Pentagon Papers Janet Chen Boulder, Colorado 22/4 Su12
Panic of 1907 Hosun Peter Chung Washington, DC 22/4 Su12
Free Blacks Jessica Kariisa Raleigh, North Carolina 22/4 Su12
Charles Gates Dawes Jonah D. Bader Lexington, Massachusetts 22/4 Su12
Islamic Feminism Mika Kligler Brooklyn, New York 22/4 Su12
Vaudeville Holly Dayton Cincinnati, Ohio 22/4 Su12
King HerodJonathan Ellison Charleston, South Carolina 22/4 Su12
Rise of Prussia Richard E. Snyder, Jr. New York, New York 22/4 Su12
Napoleon in Croatia Ana Paula Marinovic Memphis, Tennessee 22/4 Su12
Byzantine Empire Asher Talerman Bronx, New York 22/4 Su12
The Berlin Question Kevin Huang Tan Hunting Valley, Ohio 22/4 Su12
Volume 23


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Star-Spangled Banner Carolina Brettler New York, New York 23/1 F12
Old Order Amish Bridget Daly Houston, Texas 23/1 F12
History of Penicillin Kyungchan Min Rancho Santa Maragrita, CA 23/1 F12
Gottfried von Leibniz Alexander Kovaka Rabun Gap, Georgia 23/1 F12
Indians in South Africa Meera Ramakrishnan Boston, Massachusetts 23/1 F12
Deng Xiaoping Hyun Ho Noh Yokohama, Japan 23/1 F12
Gold Mountain Jade Wong Washington, DC 23/1 F12
Antonio Salazar Keeyong Eom Seoul, Korea 23/1 F12
Public Library Zaynee Malik Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 23/1 F12
Chinese Espionage Colin Kimzey San Francisco, California 23/1 F12
Leprosy in Middle Ages Ruth Hanna Boston, Massachusetts 23/1 F12
Issue 23-2  buy now
Casear Augustus Katherine Rosenberg‡ Chappaqua, New York 23/2 W12
The New York Times Gabriel Grand♦ Bronx, New York 23/2 W12
Tuberculosis Theresa L. Rager Cincinnati, Ohio 23/2 W12
Commercial Revolution Gabriel Kelly‡ Murrysville, Pennsylvania 23/2 W12
Miscegenation Malini Gandhi‡♠ Newtonville, Massachusetts 23/2 W12
Eugenics in Massachusetts Reid Grinspoon♦ Waltham, Massachusestts 23/2 W12
Boss Tweed Kaitavjeet Chowdhary‡ Glastonbury, Connecticut 23/2 W12
Mughal Empire Aleezé Qadir Chicago, Illinois 23/2 W12
U.S.-UK in WWII Andrew Burton Toronto, Ontario 23/2 W12
Conditions for Democracy Edyt Dickstein Livingston, New Jersey 23/2 W12
Children’s Literature Anna Elizabeth Blech‡ New York, New York 23/2 W12
Issue 23-3  buy now
Anti-Confucian Campaign Ryan Y. Voon♠ Groton, Massachusetts 23/3 Sp13
Decline of Rome Colin Tweel Toronto, Ontario 23/3 Sp13
Broderick-Terry Duel Emma L. Scoble♦ Oakland, California 23/3 Sp13
Potato Famine Sophia Monaghan Lawrenceville, New Jersey 23/3 Sp13
Meyer Lansky Molly Borden‡ West Hartford, Connecticut 23/3 Sp13
Jose Rizal Jose Vicente Tagle‡♠ Millburn, New Jersey 23/3 Sp13
Harriet Beecher Stowe Shelby Carpenter Andover, Massachusetts 23/3 Sp13
Justice Marshall Jeff Smith Montclair, New Jersey 23/3 Sp13
Ethnic Minorities in China Won Jung Kim♠ Concord, New Hampshire 23/3 Sp13
Nantucket Whaling Olivia Weiner♠ Houston, Texas 23/3 Sp13
Florence Nightingale Kailin Baechle♠ Troy, New York 23/3 Sp13
Issue 23-4  buy now
Robert Mugabe Emily A. Yankowitz‡♦ Scarsdale, New York 23/4 Su13
Direct Legislation Nathaniel Bernstein♦ San Francisco, California 23/4 Su13
Boxer Rebellion Jay Hyung Kim Windsor, Berkshire, UK 23/4 Su13
Animation at War Rachel Johnson‡♠ Port Washington, New York 23/4 Su13
Battle of France Jeng Yang Chia Singapore 23/4 Su13
Potawatami in Chicago Seunglee Lee‡ Wilmette, Illinois 23/4 Su13
Christianity in Japan Gen Shiraishi♦ Yokohama, Japan 23/4 Su13
British Defeat in Asia Ryan Chu Shekov, Shenzhen, China 23/4 Su13
First Gulf War Jane Morris Shaker Heights, Ohio 23/4 Su13
Astor Place Riots Malcolm Steinberg♦ Washington, DC 23/4 Su13
Chernobyl Disasterbuy now Callie Phui-Yen Hoon♠ Deerfield, Massachusetts 23/4 Su13
Volume 24


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Issue 24-1  buy now
Vendetta in Venice Noah Kim♠ Pasadena, California 24/1 F13
Iran Revolution Daniel Fu Indianapolis, Indiana 24/1 F13
Galileo’s Heresy Alyssa Rudelis♠ Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 24/1 F13
New Deal George Easley♠ Morristown, New Jersey 24/1 F13
Ukraine Famine Katherine Cayton♠ Raleigh, North Carolina 24/1 F13
Japan in Koreabuy now Varun Singh Bindra Singapore 24/1 F13
Cromwell in Ireland Joshua Weaver♠ Rockville, Maryland 24/1 F13
Sit-In Movement Amelia Nierenberg Bronx, New York 24/1 F13
Ban Ki-Moon Esther H. Yoon Seoul, Korea 24/1 F13
Alternating Current Tyler J. Dougan♠ Minneapolis, Minnesota 24/1 F13
History of Coffee Corrin Chow New Hyde Park, New York 24/1 F13
Issue 24-2  buy now
Proclamation of 1763 Sam Feder Ramaz School, New York 24/2 W13
Kang Youweibuy now Jessica Li♠ Summit, New Jersey 24/2 W13
Lincoln’s Reading George Holderness Belmont, Massachusetts 24/2 W13
Segregation in Berkeleybuy now Maya Tulip Lorey♠ Oakland, California 24/2 W13
Quebec Separatismbuy now Iris Robbins-Larrivee♠ Vancouver, British Columbia 24/2 W13
Jackie Robinsonbuy now Peter Baugh Clayton, Missouri 24/2 W13
Mechanical Clocks Mehitabel Glenhaber Boston, Massachusetts 24/2 W13
Anti-German Sentimentbuy now Hendrick Townley Rye, New York 24/2 W13
Science and Judaism Jonathan Slifkin♠ Bronx, New York 24/2 W13
Barbie Dollbuy now Brittany Arnett Port Washington, New York 24/2 W13
German Navy in WWI Renhua Xuan Guangzhou, Guangdong 24/2 W13

Legend of Symbols

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‡         =    public high school
§         =    homescholar
♦         =    Indicates Emerson Prize winner
♠         =    Indicates Emerson Nominee
••        =    Special Korean Issue

The IB F91 issue was a special issue for the International Baccalaureate Organisation, composed of essays by IB students previously published in The Concord Review.

The Emerson Prize issue was published in January 1995, with two essays by the first winners of the Emerson Prize (Aaron Einbond-Harvard, and Pia Luedtke-Yale). The second Emerson Prize was awarded March 14, 1996 to Sarah Valkenburgh (Dartmouth) and Matthew Eisenberg (Yale) at the New England History Teachers Association Meeting in Hartford, Connecticut. [The NEHTA Kidger Award was given to The Concord Review at the same meeting]

The AP F95 issue was a special issue for The College Board, composed of essays by Advanced Placement History students previously published in The Concord Review.


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